We Provide comprehensive care and support for your beloved pets.

Ensuring your pet's wellness and your peace of mind.

Get expert guidance on pet's diet and nutrition.

Team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the field.

For your pet's unique needs

Designed by vets
Get help from a certified vet in India, without going anywhere.
Use it on your smartphone or computer
Keep your pet calm and save time, no travel needed.

How It Works?

A video call is just like using WhatsApp or FaceTime. We'll guide you before the call so the vet can see your pet and understand their behavior and health. If you choose a chat, it's like chatting on WhatsApp or Messenger. Great for when you're at work.

Designed by vets

Just for your pet's needs
Get help from a certified vet in India 24/7, without going anywhere.
Quick access, no need for appointments.
Use it on your smartphone or computer
Keep your pet calm and save time, no travel needed.

Team of amazing experts

Our team comprises a remarkable assembly of individuals who bring to the table a profound reservoir of knowledge and a wealth of hands-on experience. Each member is a seasoned specialist in their respective field, contributing their unique skills to ensure the highest level of expertise and quality in our services.

Making a change one lovely paw at a time

Our mission is all about creating a series of small but meaningful changes, each initiated by the delightful presence and influence of our beloved pets. We believe that through their love, companionship, and the joy they bring to our lives, we can make the world a better place, one step at a time.

Dog owners who adhere to regular check-ups 0
Cat owners who adhere to regular check-ups 0
Pet owners who ignore timely deworming 0

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They’ve said about us

Norvets is a lifesaver! Their prompt responses and thorough guidance have given me peace of mind during stressful pet health situations. A must-try for every pet owner in India.

Norvets has become my pet's virtual health partner! The convenience of consulting skilled vets online has made managing my pet's well-being so much easier. Thank you for your invaluable service.

I'm thrilled with the exceptional service provided by Norvets. Being able to consult qualified vets online has been a game-changer for my pet's health. The team's dedication and knowledge are commendable.

Norvets is a startup incubated at XCEED, XLRI

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